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5 Simple Ways to Paraphrasing Sentences

When you need to write a paper, you need to get information from it but you can commit a serious offense if you just copied the content without citing. To avoid this, you can paraphrase it. Here are good tips on paraphrasing sentences and check even more about paraphrasing a quote on our website.

Paraphrase a Sentence Effectively

  • Change word order: One of the ways in paraphrasing a sentence is to change the word order. It is important that you do this so that you will not commit plagiarism and for you to have a new copy.
  • Change parts of speech: Other students don’t know that they can able to change parts of speech in paraphrasing. For example, if the sentence uses a noun, then rewrite it using adjectives or verb form of the word.
  • Use synonyms: the English language has many synonyms. There are many words that have similar or the same meanings and when you need to paraphrase sentences, you can only change the words by using its synonyms. This is one of the effective ways you can do to paraphrase so keep that in mind.
  • Opposite expressions or negative expressions: Another way in paraphrasing is by changing positive expression to a negative expression. You can also change the negative expression to positive expression.
  • Combining or separating sentences: You can divide long sentences and you can also combine short sentences to become one. This is one of the good tips or steps in paraphrasing you can follow.

Moreover, there are still lots of considerations you should do. You can also change the structure or voice of the sentences. You might also want to change the grammar of the sentence to avoid plagiarism. And don’t forget to pay attention to the style: APA, MLA and Chicago paraphrasing differ much.

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Paraphrasing Sentences with Our Team

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Proper paraphrasing, as well as resume rewrite, is important that is why you need to do it correctly. You need to change the active voice from passive voice. Paraphrasing is easy when you know what you will do that is why you need to know easy steps to paraphrase so that you can able to present a new copy with same meaning just like your original source. Lastly, do your best, dedicate time and believe in yourself that you can able to do it.

When writing a paper, make sure that you paraphrase your sources to avoid committing plagiarism. Citing sources is important if you plan on using parts of their texts and although quoting the author is allowed, you shouldn’t pepper your paper with it. If you need a smooth flowing paper where information from the original source is integrated, you should rewrite content. The problem, however, is that not everyone knows how to get this done properly.

Tips to Paraphrasing like a Pro

Our professional writers know how important it is to rewrite content accurately which is why they are willing to share a few helpful tips that you can use when paraphrasing sentences.

  • Understand the context. Just like when you are rewriting paragraphs, you need to understand the idea behind the text even if it is just a sentence. This will give you an idea on how you can deliver accurate paraphrasing results.
  • Use synonyms. There is a limit to how you can paraphrase a sentence but a good tip to consider is to use synonyms as much as possible. This will make your sentence unique without altering the meaning of the text.
  • Rearrange sentence structure. Another trick to rewriting a sentence is to change its structure such as changing passive to active voice and direct to indirect just to name a few.
  • Use your own voice.  Don’t hesitate to use your own writing style to convey the idea of the original text.
  • Stick to the main idea. As much as you would like to pass off an idea as your own, it is best that you remain true to the original paper when rewriting the sentence. Don’t forget to cite your source as well.

These are just a few tips on how you can rewrite a sentence professionally. If you’re still having a hard time paraphrasing your sentence accurately, we are more than happy to take on the work for you. We have professional writers on hand whom you can rely on to provide accurate paraphrasing results regardless of how fast you need it. We guarantee that you’ll get your sentence rephrased as quickly as possible with us.

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