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What is paraphrasing? Many students think that it is just the action of changing the words or phrases found in a sentence or paragraph to transform them into new essays, research papers or any other types of writing projects they can call theirs. However, paraphrasing is more than just that because it deals with certain standards you have to know. Check out below and later on find out what tool can help in rephrasing sentences online.

What Is Rephrasing Sentences?

What you have to know is that to rephrase or paraphrase comes from your heart because it has to do with your understanding of what you have read or learned. You don’t do it to change word for word but change it according to what you have discovered or understood. The simple thought to consider is that paraphrasing should be your version of the story, based from what you have derived from the information presented.

Rephrasing sentences and paper rewording are not about changing the words into their synonyms but it is about their thought kept. By saying that means, you should not compromise the meaning of the story or the original message of the source. Therefore, you should remember to have your own version of the texts without changing the meaning of it.

Where to Get Help Rephrasing Sentences


You can read and then jot down notes you have derived from the content. Then, you have to summarize or rephrase using your own phrasing without losing the main message or leaving behind necessary details. By that, you should understand the texts thoroughly so that you can come up with impressive results. This option may take time though.


Some people ask pros for help rephrasing sentences because they are known experts in English, and so rephrasing is just an easy task for them. They can work on your content without difficulty because this is their thing. They know and understand English well, so rewriting is not really a big deal for them. However, the pros may also have tight schedules, meaning you might be given a turnaround time as to when they could submit your paper back to you. It may not help if you have a tight submission schedule to keep yourself.

Free Online Rephrasing Tool

Practical and convenient, this may work for your busy schedule as this can rewrite your texts in an instant without you having to wait for someone’s availability. If you have multiple projects to work on and your day is such a bottleneck, then this automatic assistant may be the best choice for you. The paraphrasing text online tool works as you do.

As you see, using the third option is the most practical and convenient of all because it can work for you automatically without you having to wait for a professional to attend to your paper or you have to spend a lot of time in rephrasing by doing it yourself. If you want to make the most of your time and save money, then do not think twice of using the automatic paraphrasing tool to rephrase for you.

Paraphrasing, for others, is simply the task of replacing existing words with their synonyms or rearranging their structure so that they will come out unique. Although there are instances where these steps are used, rewriting sentences require more work. Students who are faced with the task of paraphrasing content often look for professional help because accuracy is of the utmost importance. The goal of rewriting content is to avoid copying the original source while retaining the main idea. Unfortunately, this is what students are having a hard time with.

Tips to Paraphrasing Content

For those who will be rewriting sentences for the first time, there are a few tips that you need to take into account so you will get your paraphrasing done properly. Our expert writers have shared some helpful tips that you can use.

  • Understand the context. To get proper rephrasing results, you need to understand the meaning of the original text first. This means that you will need to go over the document several times so you will have a deeper understanding on the message that the author wants to convey.
  • Find the main ideas. Jot down the main ideas of the text that you are working on so you will know where to focus your writing on.
  • Write using your own words. As it was mentioned a while ago, the goal of paraphrasing is to avoid copying content. Explain the main idea of your source using your own words.
  • Compare with the original source. A good way to determine if you’ve done a good job with paraphrasing content is to compare it with the original source. Does your paraphrased text clear? Does it have the same meaning as the original text?
  • Edit as needed. You will need to review your work from start to end to determine if there are any errors that you need fixed. Check for grammar errors, misspelled words, and the like and edit them.

You can always take advantage of our free paraphrasing tool if you need to rewrite texts as quickly as possible. Simply copy and paste the text to our rewriting sentence generator and hit the rewrite button to get your texts paraphrased quickly.

Use the free online rephrasing tool today!