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General Rules of Paraphrase Paragraph

paraphrase paragraph

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If you are asked to paraphrase paragraph but you are not sure how you will do it, you need tips or know the rules. Paraphrasing plagiarism is a process that means getting the meaning of the source, changing words, improving the structure of the source.

Paraphrase Paragraph Great Tips

  • Know the meaning of paraphrasing: Paraphrasing is saying others ideas using different words. You need to express the same meaning in a different way. You need to give credit to others ideas instead of direct quoting.
  • Know the difference of paraphrasing and summarizing: Paraphrasing and summarizing is different from each other that are why you should be aware of their differences.
  • Paraphrasing is not about making paragraph shorter: It doesn’t mean that when you paraphrase, you need to have a shorter version. This is not the case all the time because what you need to do is to get the meaning and discuss all the main points of the paragraph using different words or synonyms.
  • Change word choice: In paraphrasing, you need to change the words that are being used. You need to explain the central idea using your unique way. You need to choose the right words to use so that you can explain the same points.
  • Use thesaurus: You can rely with thesaurus when you don’t know or you are not familiar with the words you read. You need to be careful to use words because there are words that are different from each other.
  • Own syntax: You should use your own syntax in paraphrase paragraph or in resume rewriting because it is not only about word choice, but it is the structure and the syntax. The meaning of syntax is putting your words together in order to form a sentence.
  • Change the structure: Structure is how a paragraph is being put together that is why you need to have your own structure that makes sense. You should lead your reader to the main idea.

Paraphrasing Paragraphs and Sentences Professionally

Paraphrasing sentences or paragraph will become easier when you know rules and tips. You need to remember what the important things you should do are so that you can have a new output that is excellent and appealing.

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