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How to Paraphrase a Paragraph Online

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paraphrase a paragraph

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Paraphrase a Paragraph – Plagiarism Free

Rewriting text is more complex than rephrasing it. To paraphrase a paragraph, it must involve more than one structural phase. Both rephrasing and paraphrasing replace a word or word phrases to explain an original thought, in a new version. When you rephrase sentences piece by piece, you are doing the extreme opposite of paraphrase; so paraphrasing a paragraph an all-ear moment is required. The thorough understanding of the original message from start to finish before rewriting starts defines the success of paraphrasing a paragraph. Otherwise, it will lead to serious plagiarism cases. There are two popular ways to paraphrase a paragraph online. Rewriting services online promotes easy and affordable rewording help through a rephrasing tool called rephrase sentences generator which can understand a paragraph context. If this tool does not seem to help, manual rewriting with a human expert is the best option.

Pros and Cons of Paraphrasing Tool

Reword a Paragraph Online Using Paraphrasing Tool

Each of the rewording service websites has a name for their paraphrasing tool. Generally, it is called a rephrase sentences generator; a fixed, quick, and sophisticated tool used in generating rephrased sentences. The tool can either be downloaded online or used right at the interface of the paraphrasing home page. Several people had tested the effectiveness of this tool. Many people find it practical; while others find it a complete waste of time. The online presence of this tool is based on one concept; the tool has an artificial intelligence to replace human function in rephrasing. However, in rewriting, which is more complex than rephrasing, this tool failed in meeting expectations, but still a good alternative for people who run out of funds to avail of manual paraphrasing service.

Sentence Rewriting Online Using Manual Paraphrase

Although technology is too ambitious to replace human brain, research scientists may still take gazillion steps to get to that point, although it is completely possible. The paraphrasing tools online may be the first step in realizing this effort, but the tool needed more improvement to equal the quality that manual paraphrasing offers. There is no point of comparison between human paraphrasing outputs and computer-generated rephrases.