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The need for paragraph rephrase is of paramount importance for many, especially for professionals and students who want to create an impressive paper, presentation or report, but such isn’t an easy undertaking because paraphrasing is more than just replacing words with their synonyms or switching sentence positions. To get started with this important task, check out these tips to help with paraphrasing and become your guide. And if you want to save your time, don’t hesitate to use our online rephrase tool.

How Do You Paraphrase Paragraphs?

  • Read and understand the paragraph. From there, you should try to get the main point or message of the paragraph, meaning you don’t simply read but understand the message it tries to tell you.
  • While reading, be able to jot down notes and keywords to use later as a reference when you’re already paraphrasing the paragraph.  Jotting down important notes will help when you’re already writing your rephrased paragraph.
  • Start with your first draft, but don’t edit yet at this point. You just have to keep on writing based from what you have learned from what you have read. Check on your reference notes and include the most important details to include in the rephrased paragraph.
  • Go over what you wrote and see if you missed something. You can also check for unnecessary details you have included and be able to omit them.
  • Edit your paragraph and check for the flow and consistency, and be able to double check the original version to see if what you wrote matches the message of it.

Do You Need Help in Rephrasing Paragraphs?

paragraph rephrase

There are good sources of writers and editors to help you on this task, but the main thing here is to choose well from a wide selection of service providers that can really become of help for you. First thing is to check their background and record of accomplishment in this area so that you can have an idea on which among them is the trusted source for others looking for paraphrasing help like you. If you think you cannot do rephrasing on your own, be able to check and get help from reputable sources, also try free paraphrase machine we offer.

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Rephrasing paragraphs is a tricky task to do on your own considering the need to deliver quality rewrites on time while avoiding copying content from the original source. As a student or professional, avoiding plagiarism is a must especially when you’re working on a document. Keep in mind that rewriting sentences or paragraphs requires more than just a good grasp of vocabulary and sentence structure but also an understanding of the tricks that professionals use to get this task done properly.

Tips to Consider When Paraphrasing

It’s not surprising that you’re going to have a hard time paraphrasing an original paper especially when you’re the idea of rewriting is simply swapping words with their synonyms or rearranging their order in the sentence or paragraph. There are certain processes that you need to apply in order to pull paraphrasing off like a pro. Here are a few tips that you should take into consideration when you try to rewrite sentences.

  • Break down the original source. Breaking down the main document into understandable parts makes it easier for you to absorb the idea behind the paragraphs. Getting a good grasp of the document will take you one step closer to rewriting accurately.
  • Get the main ideas. Each paragraph in a document has its main idea. It is important that you figure them out so you will be able to paraphrase them accordingly.
  • Restructure the sentence. Use your own words to convey the same message as the original paper.
  • Compare results. Once you are done with paraphrasing the original paragraph, compare your work with the source to see whether you are on the same page.
  • Always cite your sources. Don’t forget to cite your sources when rewriting a document so that your readers will find more information as needed.
  • Review your work. As with any writing task, make sure that you go over your paraphrasing work to see whether there are any errors that you have committed. It pays to have a properly rewritten sentence compared to one that is done haphazardly.
  • Brush up on vocabulary. It is always a good idea to keep your stock of vocabulary updated to help you paraphrase sentences or paragraphs easily.

Help in Rephrasing Paragraphs from Manual Rewording Services

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