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Paraphrasing in an Essay: Avoid Common Mistakes 

paraphrasing in an essay

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Paraphrasing can make your essay more interesting, intriguing and vivid compared to the original source as long as you know what you need to do. Paraphrasing in an essay as well as paraphrasing sentences needs to provide details that an author said using own words. The fact is that not all students are good with it that is why tips are helpful to make their task easier.

Paraphrase My Essay Best Tips

  • Look away from the original passage: Read the text several times until you are sure that you understand it and able to use your own words if you’re ready to paraphrase it. If you are ready, look away from the original source.
  • Take notes: Make abbreviated notes and set it aside, then paraphrase referring to your notes. For instance, if you can’t able to make A or B; it only means that you do not completely understand the passage that is why your notes will help you in paraphrasing.
  • Change the structure: In paraphrasing an essay, you need to change the structure of the essay to make new output. In this case, you need to break up long sentences, expand phrases to achieve clarity and combine short sentences to get conciseness. With this, you need to eliminate unnecessary words and change it.
  • Change the words: In changing words, you need to use synonyms in expressing the same meaning of the essay. Yes, you need to change the structure of essay but it is also essential that you change words.

Easy Essay Paraphrasing with Us

When you paraphrase paragraph or essay, you need to restate the source’s ideas using different words. You need to offer the same level of information that the original passage provides to readers. It does not important whether your paraphrasing is shorter or longer because what important is that you able to deliver the same meaning and value of the essay to your target audience. On the other hand, words that can’t be changed because it is better to express it as it is, you should use quotation mark with it. In conclusion, paraphrasing seems to be hard at first but a guide will help you to complete the steps in paraphrasing effectively.

Essay writing may sound easy at first but when you are actually doing it, you will find that there are a lot of factors to take into consideration such as how will you be able to integrate the information from a reliable source without copying content. Replacing words with their synonyms won’t be enough and so is rearranging the order of words when paraphrasing content. Many have been using these steps when rewriting which not only produce poor results but can actually change the entire message of the original source. How then will you be able to get your work done on time?

Why Use Paraphrasing Services

If rewriting content isn’t your strongest suit or if you are just pressed for time, why not hire professional paraphrasing services to help you out? Here are some advantages that you can get when you choose to use a rewriting service.

  • Better word usage. Replacing words with their synonyms during paraphrasing is allowed but you need to make sure that they are appropriate. With us, you can expect correct word usage.
  • Plagiarism free texts. Another plus to hiring rewriting services is that you don’t have to worry about copied content because our writers will ensure that you will a unique paper that retains the same meaning as the original source.
  • Reasonable turnaround time. Asking for instant paraphrasing results is possible but it may not deliver accurate results. What we can offer instead is a few hours or days of rewriting to ensure that you’ll get the best output from us.
  • Affordable rates. Just because you want to hire a professional team to paraphrase your texts, it doesn’t mean that you will have to spend a lot. Our rates are considerably cheaper compared to others so your budget won’t be affected at all.

Why worry about committing mistakes when paraphrasing sources when you can rely on our online rewriting sentence generator to deliver the best output there is? You only need to copy and paste the content on our rewriting program and it will automatically be paraphrased. By paying a small amount for our manual paraphrasing service, you can get quality rewrites in no time.

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