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I love the service of Paraphrasing Tool because they have rich vocabulary and they ensure that my paper will be original once I receive my paper. Aside from this, they offer me an affordable price which makes their service more great.

Jules, Philippines

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Rephrase Online with Simple Tools

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Is it Simple to Rephrase Online?

There is an ongoing issue in the paraphrasing industry whether simple paraphrasing tools are enough to accomplish rephrasing tasks, simple and complex. Some sites claim that rephrasing sentences is not as complex as paraphrasing a paragraph. Therefore, a simple yet logical shuffle and synonym replacement may resolve the problem. It is under this premise that some websites promote on their site stating that rephrasing task can simply be accomplished using simple tools downloadable from their sites. Although at some point, it seems fair to give these simple tools a try, it is also noticeable that these tools are used as marketing strategies to market manual paraphrasing services.

Pros and Cons of Paraphrasing Tool

Rephrase Online By Using These Simple Tools

In rephrasing works of other people and integrating an idea into a college paper, new words and new structure have to come out, totally different in form, but having the same message with the original sentence.  Being able to rephrase properly gains the student author a high level of confidence that his work will not appear plagiaristic. In fact, with the presence of the following paraphrasing tools online, there is no reason to commit even accidental plagiarism.

  • Online Thesaurus – This supplies the necessary synonyms to get the student started. The rich vocabulary available online will assist the student author in building up new versions of an existing work without changing the meaning.
  • Online Dictionary – Anytime when rephrasing online, a student author can refer to an online dictionary if the word is rightfully fitted as a replacement of an original word.
  • Rephrase Sentences Generator – this simple tool generates rephrased sentences in less than10 seconds. The fast and easy way to rephrase online makes the task easier to accomplish.
  • Automatic Extractor – This is one of the simple paraphrasing tools yet to launch publicly, and is under observation and updating, to properly work with the rephrase sentence generator. An extractor takes away irrelevant words from the sentence to simplify manual paraphrasing. Given a complex sentence, this simple tool lets the student work on the relevant keywords and not to waste their time on terminologies not affecting the message of the original text.

Is it okay to use paraphrasing online tools when rewriting texts? There are a lot of questions being raised when it comes to using sentence rewriting generators because of accuracy, relevance, and sentence structure. Yes, these tools can rewrite your paragraphs by using its database of words but is the structure correct and the text coherent? And will it be possible to rewrite complex sentences using this simple tool?

Reasons for Hiring Manual Paraphrasing Services

It’s quite tempting to use online paraphrasing generators because they can speed up the rewriting process but if you are going to work on bulk texts, you’re better off hiring manual paraphrasing companies like us. Why should you hire us? Here are a few reasons why using our service will be to your advantage.

  • Accurate. One downside to using rewriting tools is that you may not get accurate rewrites because this kind of programs does have its limits. Even our paraphraser generator has its own limitations but we do have professional writers who can do manual paraphrasing for accuracy.
  • Reliable. Another reason why you should hire us is that you can always rely on us to deliver the goods no matter how fast you need it.
  • Plagiarism free. When paraphrasing, you need to make sure that there are no copied content. Our rewriting team can guarantee proper paraphrasing results because this is what we are good at.
  • Better sentence structure. Another plus to hiring manual rewriters is that you will get better sentence structure. Our writers are skilled in paraphrasing so you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get a decent paraphrased text from us.
  • Appropriate vocabulary usage. The problem with many paraphrasing tools is that the placing of new vocabulary may not be appropriate for the text. This won’t be a problem when you choose to work with our manual writers because they will see to it that proper word usage is applied.

If you need help rewriting a source, you have two options: use our free online paraphrasing tool or choose to work with our professional writers. Either way, we can give you quality assistance because this is where our expertise lies.

Rephrasing is easy with our service – just try it!