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Simple Rephrase My Paragraph

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You ask, “How can I simple rephrase a paragraph?” The answer is here! Read on and learn how to rephrase a sentence tool or paragraph or whatever type of paper you have to reword and convert into a new and original one.

How to Rephrase My Paragraph

  • First, read and understand the context of the paper you’re reading, but by saying that does not mean you merely read that rather you comprehend. In this case, you will be able to understand the thought or main idea of the paragraph you are rewording. Without even saying, you don’t just read word for word, but you also get the gist of the story.
  • Second, rephrasing a sentence isn’t only about changing the words into their synonyms but it is about writing the message learned from the paragraph or text. Remember that you really don’t have to write as long as the length of the original but a shorter or more condensed version of it in your paraphrased version.
  • Third, list down some keywords and notes while reading the original paragraph to reword to serve as a reference in your rephrasing task. This can be a group of words or important words found in the paragraph, helping you understand the text further.
  • Fourth, begin writing the paragraph to reword, but in this stage, you don’t have to edit anything yet. Keep on writing and edit later.
  • Read your work to see if you have missed something or have included something unnecessary for completing the thought of your paraphrased paragraph. Be able to revise when needed.
  • Edit your work and check for grammar, styling and other mistakes.

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Need Help to Rephrase My Paragraph

Now if you need more help and you think you cannot perform the task pretty well, you can get help from experienced paraphrasers online. They are professionals with years of experience in writing, editing, and paraphrasing and are well versed in their craft. They are highly dependable and can work fast, too.  They have good customer support that can assist and attend to your inquiries and concerns anytime.

Is there any way for me to paraphrase a paragraph on my own? This is actually a good question given that many simply don’t really put a lot of effort into learning this writing process, preferring to go the easy way where they just exchange words with their synonyms or alter the structure of the original sentence. Of course, having free paraphrasing tools online does make things easier but if you want to expand your writing prowess, learning the steps to rewriting is definitely a must.

Tips on How to Paraphrase Like a Pro

  • Comprehend the text. If you want to be able to rewrite a sentence or paragraph successfully you need to comprehend the original text first. This means that you will need to go over the paper as many times as needed until you understand its full context.
  • Ask about the meaning. If you’re still unsure of the meaning of what you have just read, don’t hesitate to ask others about their opinion. Hearing what others have to say can help you gain perspective on the meaning of the text.
  • Start writing. Don’t be afraid to start paraphrasing the text because staring at it just won’t get you the results you need. Write down your thoughts without pausing to think about grammar rules just yet.
  • Always edit. As with all kinds of writing tasks, it is imperative that you review your work to ensure that there are no errors. If you find some, make sure that you revise accordingly.
  • Remove unnecessary sentences. The main goal of paraphrasing is to ensure that the main idea is still retained in spite of using different wordings. However, it’s easy to fall into the trap of adding sentences that are not really effective so make sure that you remove them when you review your work.
  • Cite your sources. Part of rewriting sentences or paragraphs is citing your sources. Make sure that you use proper citation to indicate who your source is so that others can find it too.

If you need further help with rewriting your paper, take advantage of our online rewriting tool and get your work done quickly and accurately.

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