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Whys and Hows to Paraphrasing Paragraphs

paraphrasing paragraphs

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There are reasons and ways on paraphrasing paragraphs or paraphrasing an article. For writers, students and professionals who cannot come up with their original idea or content, they make use of existing sentences, paragraphs and research papers, among other documents they found online or offline to come up with the unique text version. Before you paraphrase, remember the tips that will be highlighted below.

The Reasons to Paraphrasing Paragraphs

Plagiarism is a serious crime of stealing another person’s idea that people bumped into an online or offline source. Content may be in a printed form on the internet or in books and other sources, and this may not be reproduce or redistributed without the written consent of the creator.

If you would just grab it without paraphrasing paragraphs, you may be into the trouble of copyright violation. For sure, you don’t want that to happen to you, so you should rewrite and come up with an original content of your own.

Whether you are a writer, a student or a professional, you should follow ethical rules of not copying someone’s paragraphs even if you found these very impressive. If you want to make use of them for your own content or paper, you should paraphrase to become a credible author or writer yourself.

The Ways to Paraphrasing a Paragraph

If you want to do things right from the start and avoid any serious problem later on, follow some tips shared below for paraphrasing contents you want to make use of for your own website, presentation, report or paper.

  1. Read the content fully and repeat the process several times until you have understood the message entirely. Remember that to read entails understanding, too, because to read without it is an effort of waste.

  2. After you have thoroughly understood the source article, research paper, literary review or any other content, close it and avoid looking back.

  3. Start writing and make sure to come up with your own words and sentences. Don’t copy and just convert word for word because this is not the right way of paraphrasing. You should not just change words into synonyms because they will not make sense at all in paraphrasing a paragraph or in APA format paraphrasing. Instead, use your own structuring and phrasing. This is the right process of rewriting. It does not have to be perfect from the start.

  4. Go back and compare your paper with the original.

  5. Check for errors and content and detect for mistakes in grammar and spelling.

These are the reasons and tips when rewriting that you have to know. Finally, learn more about the whys and hows on rewriting documents so that you can avoid any problems on copying. Why is there a need to rephrase existing papers? For those who are wondering why they have to paraphrase their sources when writing, the answer to this is that they need to use the information they have gathered to help strengthen their essay but without copying the original source. Rewriting is basically paraphrasing content using your own words to reflect the same message as the source. Sounds like a piece of cake? Unfortunately, many find paraphrasing to be a huge challenge that needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible which is why rewriting tools have appeared in the scene.

How Online Paraphrasing Services Can Help?

Plagiarism is a practice that can raise a lot of eyebrows in the academe because you are simply passing off another’s work as your own. This will not only get you penalized but it will also affect your grades as well. Enter online rewriting tool. With paraphrasing generators, you can get the following:

  • Quick paraphrasing results. Rewriting tools are designed to produce results in seconds which is a plus for those who are in a rush to get the job done quickly.
  • More time in your hands. Since the paraphrasing program will get the job done for you, you will have more time to improve your essay.
  • Better vocabulary usage. Online paraphrasing tools will be able to find appropriate words to use in place of the original to avoid copied content.
  • More savings. Paraphrasing tools usually come for free which means that you get to save money while having your content rewritten.

Rewriting with the Pros

Although online paraphrasing tools come in handy when it comes to rewriting content for free, one downside to this is that accuracy is compromised. This isn’t surprising given that the algorithms used may not be enough to detect whether the sentence structure is sound and that the vocabulary used is appropriate. This is why it isn’t a bad idea to hire a paraphrasing service like ours where you get to work with professional rewriters right from the start. All that you have to do is copy and paste the text that you want to rewrite and send it to us. We guarantee that the results that we will produce will be to your satisfaction.

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